Test and item analysis in TestVision

For whom? educators, teachers and other who interpret psychometric information

Where? at your location or at Teelen in Wilp

Attendees maximum 10

Duration 1 half-day

Request for information

Are you looking to make substantiated statements on the quality of the questions or the test as a whole? And would you like to be able to add suggestions for improvement? The Course “Test and item analysis” teaches you how the test and item analysis should be interpreted and assessed. This is a half-day course.

Contents of the course

During this course the following topics will be covered:

  • influencing the reliability and validity of the tests;
  • analysing the results based on the traditional test theory:
    • test indicators: difficulty, reliability, standard measurement bias and frequency distribution;
    • item indicators: difficulty, appeal of the alternatives and distinguishing capacity;
  • improving questions and tests on the basis of test and item analyses;
  • using the capabilities of test and item analysis in TestVision

During the course, we will work on specific exercises in small groups, using real test and item analyses. For this reason, this course will have to be scheduled after completion of several tests. In preparation for the course, Teelen will analyse the results, so that we can formulate possible suggestions for improvement for the questions and tests, and can propose a method for analysing test results in the future.