TestVision for Developers


Developers are those people who are involved in constructing a test, such as examiners, constructors and teachers.

It will take inexperienced users only a few hours to construct a test in TestVision. This is because the test system in set up using technical principles and procedures common in testing. In other words: the layout and structure is logical and uncluttered. Not a navigation nightmare with menus and submenus, and no unnecessary actions. Everything is self-explanatory.

If help is required, the user can refer to tutorials, the help in TestVision itself and digital manuals. The support is about more than just the operation of the system, there are technical tools too, including the use of question types with associated scoring rules and simple implementation of a cut-off point based on the chance score.

If you wish to have some personal support for creating a test, we can provide one-hour personal instruction.

How TestVision helps developers

  • the navigation is simple and intuitive;
  • the layout is consistent for all segments;
  • operation is possible via mouse and shortcut keys;
  • a dynamic interface that adjusts to the role of the user of the characteristics of the test – only the relevant functionalities are shown;
  • at any time during development, the test can be viewed in the layout as the student will see it;
  • the help function is context-sensitive and clearly structured.