TestVision for Decision-makers

Decision-makers (members of an exam board, managers and supervisors) are the guardians of quality. They demand different features from a digital test system than developers. Decision-makers are about quality and results: there is no room for concessions.


  • online security in accordance with ISO 27001;
  • complete analytics and accountability reporting;
  • system support and guidance;
  • instruction and training for users;
  • trouble-free integration in existing IT infrastructures.

SaaS and TestVision benefits

  • always the latest version, without the need for in-house maintenance;
  • scalability, so no limitations to the number of (simultaneous) developers and candidates, the number of test questions and the number of tests being taken.


Do you prefer the test system to have your own look and feel? No problem. The skins ensure the software is displayed in your own house-style. Are you missing any specific functionalities? Customised adaptations can always be discussed.

ISO certified

TestVision is a product by Teelen, an educational agency entirely focused on learning and testing. The test system was developed with a passion for test quality. User ease has been taken into account, as well as what is sensible and justified from the technical aspect of testing. Teelen complies with the NEN-ISO 9001:2015 standard. The ultimate quality guarantee.