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Are you interested in TestVision but would you like to find out more first? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not here? Then please contact us. Use the text fields at the bottom of this page.


Is TestVision intended for formative (practice) tests or for summative tests (exams)?

TestVision is suitable for both. Some features are more aligned to formative testing, such as the answer feedback functionality. Other features are mainly intended for summative testing, such as IP address checks and the mandatory participation via a secure browser. You can choose the functionalities that best suit your test. TestVision is designed in such a way that the unnecessary functionalities don’t get in your way.

Can Teelen take on the entire process for us?

Teelen is a test specialist. Our team of test specialists can be utilised for any task: implementation, advisory or coordination. And of course also for providing training to test constructors, assessors and examination board members. If we cannot offer support, we will refer you to one of our partners.

We do want to test digitally, but we don’t have the facilities to host the test. Does that mean there’s no point in using TestVision?

Certainly not. TestVision allows you to develop your test digitally and then offers it in paper form. You can take advantage of the functionalities, such as the structured accumulation of an item bank and the construction (random or not) of a test on the basis of the test matrix. Once the test is complete, TestVision will create a pdf of the test including answer sheet and correct answer form. The test can now be administered in paper form.

Closed questions can be read in and marked using the scanning software. Open questions are assessed manually and processed in TestVision. The analysis and grading are then done in TestVision, as if the test was taken in digital form. Just as with digital testing, the candidates can access their results digitally.

We would like try TestVision first. Is that possible?

Yes, there are various options. Click ‘request online demo’ in the green box on the right and you will receive a 14-day trial of TestVision. It is also possible to run a pilot and take an actual test. If you are interested, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

How can I learn from other TestVision users?

Become a member of the TestVision User Association (TGV). The TGV meets several times a year to share experiences and learn from each other. What’s more, we also learn from the TGV. It provides us with input for further development and improvement of TestVision.

How soon can we start using TestVision?

TestVision can be operational within a few working days. It will take a little longer if links or connections are required or questions need to be migrated, a schedule will be made in consultation with you.

Do we need extensive training to be able to work with TestVision?

TestVision is user-friendly and intuitive. There is no need for elaborate training. Many users start working independently with the help of tutorials and the help in TestVision itself. Clear user instructions are available for specific topics.

Are you planning on hitting the ground running? This is possible after a half-day practical training. Click here to view our range of courses now.


Can we migrate our existing questions into TestVision?

TestVision supports QTI, but it can also import from MS Excel, for instance. Every migration is different, even when standard procedures such as QTI are used. We can make a recommendation after a trial migration. Sometimes the questions can be migrated without issue, with maybe some manual adjustments. Sometimes extra programming is required.


Are our tests safe with TestVision?

Both Teelen and its hosting partner are ISO 27001 certified, so all your data are safe with us. Privacy is essential. Data are and remain the property of the client and will only be processed in relation to the intended objectives.

We take exams in large groups at a time. Can TestVision manage this?

TestVision is intended for large groups. Of course, it is important that the facilities at the exam location are in order, such as a safe Internet connection and adequate speed.

If in doubt: Let us draw up and execute a test plan. It will prevent any issues.