TestVision is designed by testing specialists who were not satisfied with existing software. They were looking for a tool that was exclusively aimed at the testing process: effective, logical and without technical limitations. All to serve one purpose only: to construct the most optimal test.

A proven tool

Over the last 20 years, TestVision has proven itself as a tool that meets the discerning demands of lecturers, test constructors, examiners, and other users. The SaaS-application is comprehensive from a content perspective, and meets technical standards and online security requirements. Users say TestVision is a user-friendly test platform that properly supports the test cycle.

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Test cycle

Testing used to mean a retrospective review of knowledge. Now, testing is a cycle that runs throughout the entire learning process; a dynamic process. A test evaluates by analysing and adjusting, making it even more effective. Adequate is never good enough in this instance, there is always scope for improvement. TestVision is able to interpret and illustrate each phase of the test cycle.

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To facilitate efficient workflows, developers are supported by TestVision, including support related to the construction of questions and tests and assessment, for instance.

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