For whom?

Are you involved in the development of a test, examining or elsewhere in the test process? If so, TestVision may prove to be a valuable tool. The test system is all-encompassing and complements the roles and tasks of its users.


Examiners, constructors and teachers require user-friendliness and efficiency, so they can focus entirely on creating the best possible test.

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Exam boards, managers and supervisors require a test system that complies with the strictest quality requirements, so they can safeguard the intended objectives.

TestVision is designed by test specialists at Teelen. Not to be able to test digitally per se, but to offer full support for ‘facilitating knowledge’ in people. The test specialists work with TestVision intensively, together with or at the instruction of clients.

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A word from our clients

We are in regular contact with our clients. Because we support them during the implementation of TestVision, when filling and maintaining the item bank or during the periodic consultation for the evaluation of TestVision.

Would it work for us?

Are you interested in TestVision and would you like to find out whether it would be suitable for your organisation?

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