A proven tool

Various colleges and universities, as well as exam agencies and large companies currently use TestVision on a large scale. All these clients test many thousands of candidates, sometimes 7 days a week. It goes without saying that this is only possible if TestVision operates properly in all aspects of the testing process: from assignment development to performance during testing.

Some TestVision characteristics

  • efficient: faster, better and easier testing;
  • accessible: simple to use;
  • uncluttered: logical layout and navigation;
  • specialised: in accordance to the principles and rules of the test technology.

The convenience of TestVision

A good test platform enables the user to carry out his task without interruption. This is true for the developer who wants to construct the perfect test. And of course it also includes the candidate who wants to take his test without added stress.


If you test digitally, you often also wish to exchange data with existing systems, such as:

  • candidate information from the administration system;
  • participation information, so that the correct test is waiting for the student after registering, or if he meets the requirements set in the learning portal;
  • test and exam results that are processed in the student administration system or learning portal;
  • authorisation (single sign on) for candidates and developers to log in via an account they already use within the organisation (e.g. SURFconext).

For these connections and more, TestVision uses API and LTI.