Online support

Are you experiencing problems using TestVision? Perhaps maintenance is planned or we are unexpectedly dealing with a malfunction. If maintenance is planned or if there is an unexpected malfunction, we will report it on our (new) Status Update TestVision page.
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TestVision itself contains extensive online help with explanations on all functionalities.

Are you a new TestVision user? We recommend that you watch the tutorials on this website.
A sample test with different question types is also available.

The TestVision documentation page contains various digital manuals and task resources:

  • Implementation manuals
  • User instructions and task assistance for those who want more in-depth knowledge on specific sections of TestVision

Click on the link in the main menu help link to go to this documentation page.


Need help?

Please ask your questions and report issues via our Helpdesk portal. Authorised contact persons already have received an account. You are an authorised contact, buy you prefer to have personal contact? You can call us, we are happy to help you! Our Helpdesk can be reached by phone  from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Not (yet) a contact person? Ask your questions to the TestVision contacts within your organisation.

TestVision User Association

You can also get help from the TestVision User Group (TVG).

The TestVision User Group (TVG) was established in 2020. This is the successor of the TestVision User Association (TGV), which was established in May 2006. The user group is run by TestVision users and is accessible to all users. The results of the user group provide input for improvements and for the development of new functionalities.

Test support

From the ambition ‘Teelen: facilitating knowledge’, Teelen wants to help TestVision users as much as possible to create good questions and tests. We achieve this with a range of services for testing. We have also written several self-released books in the Test quality in practice series. The first (in Dutch) provides answers to How do I create good tests with open and closed questions? and the second part (in Dutch) takes a closer look at How do I create good assignments?. We also wrote an English version; How to create good questions and tests?.

Visit our website for more information on our organization, our services related to learning and testing and the books we can supply to facilitate and test your knowledge.