3. Test construction

TEELEN1813 Toetscyclus – test construction

TestVision helps you to construct the test by way of a test matrix. You can select one or two criteria in the matrix. You could use the taxonomy as the second criterion.

Serial tests

TestVision also offers useful support for constructing tests and resits.

Chance score

Guessing remains a phenomenon in testing. Every candidate will take a guess sometimes when answering closed questions. TestVision has functionalities that take into account the chance scores in calculating a score. Even in tests constructed at random, with each test containing different questions, the guessing probability can be calculated on the basis of the selected questions.


A few more examples

It is possible to divide a test into sub-blocks that have to be taken as single tests. This makes it possible for a resource to be used for part of the test, for example.

Test templates are available to create generic test instructions, but also for specific, tailor-made tests.

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