Whitepaper Security digital tests

Security is a matter of concern in traditional test taking as well in digital testing, and that is justly. Fraudsters are very creative in devising and applying new techniques to pass a sufficient exam, especially when it is important that the exam result is high. Due to the rapid progress and broader accessibility of technology, advanced fraud options have reached everyone’s reach in a short time. Therefore the security of your test environment requires constant attention and maintenance.

It is certainly possible to set up a well-protected digital test environment, but this does not happen automatically. Information security is not only a matter of technology, but especially a matter of people. If information security is important for your organization, it is necessary to pay attention to both aspects. By applying views from information security, you prevent choosing for ineffective measures. As a result, the quality of the security will be at the desired level.

This whitepaper contains an overview of insights relevant to testing systems about information security and shows how these can be used for the design and implementation of effective security measures around digital testing.

This whitepaper is only available in Dutch.

Whitepaper Beveiliging digitaal toetsen